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The New White Dwarf For 6th Edition Is Here and Its Looking Good!

The New White Dwarf is HERE!!!

This Little Gem Has a lot of things to look at, and is worth a read.

As Via Faeit 212:

Battle scenarios have primary and secondary missions.

Before the game you nominate a HQ as your 'Warlord', this model then gets to roll on one of three warlord trait tables, these are - Command, Personal and Strategic.

Hammer of Wrath - Allows Jump Troops to use their mass to deal damage as they land on their enemies.

Overwatch - Allows a free round of shooting if charged by an enemy but with bs1.

Missions - There seems to be a main mission table that you roll for and then the scenario has seconday missions. Different missions have effects on the game such as making fast attack choices scoring - Is this GW's way of stopping spam?

Warlord Trait - Command traits has Inspiring Presence which means units within 12" of your warlord can use their leadership.

Warlord Trait - Personal traits has Immovable Object which means the warlord can capture objectives.

New Rule - Interceptor, this gives the ability to shoot at units as they arrive from reserve.

New Rule - Skyfire, this allows the unit to fire at flyers at the models bs instead of bs1.

Sqns - Models in a sqn do not block each others los.

Mysterious Terrain - Archeotech Artefact, when this is discovered every psyker on the board suffers D3 S3 AP2 hits.

New Deployment - Hammer and Anvil, game is played along the long edge of the table (No more putting people by the radiator for Mercer!)

Secondary Mission - First Blood, first to kill an enemy unit gains a victory point.

New Rule - Flyers always arrive from reserve.

Flyers have to engage hover mode to allow units to disembark. While hovering flyers are counted as a fast skimmer.

New Rule - Multiple Assault, you can charge seperate units but you lose the +1 attack for charging (Fire Dragons say hello to static gunlines!).

If a flyer is shot down units on board take a S10 hit.

New Rule - Overwatch, when a squad is charged they can fire at the assaulting unit but they fire at bs1.

Rule Change - Fleet allows you to re-roll the 2d6 charge roll.

Terrain - Imperial Statues, armies of the imperium within 2" of an imperial statue are fearless.

Terrain - Fuel Tanks, grant a 5+ cover save, every time the fuel tank grants a cover save roll a D6, on a 1 the fuel tank explodes causing a S3 hit.

Terrain - Impact Craters, these grant a 5+ cover save.

Overwatch - Flamers cause D3 automatic hits when firing on overwatch.

New Rule - Snapfire, when stunned Dreadnoughts (possibly all walkers/vehicles) can snapfire at bs1.

New Rule - Ongoing Reserves, flyers can leave the board and be placed back in reserve, they then roll their reserve roll as normal.

Flyers - If a flyer is destroyed the wreckage can land on top of units and cause damage.

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